8 Best S.E.O. tools on a HELLA(or REALLY) small budgetšŸ˜µ

8 Best S.E.O. tools I always use especially if I don’t want to have a high marketing expense

I like these tools because they are:

  1. Cheap or free99
  2. Helped me to quickly get research on my competitionšŸ˜²
  3. Helped to multitask
  4. Helped me to do on site seo, off site seo, or both.

My 8 Best seo tools you can count on to be inexpensive but highly beneficial

  1. Market samurai
  2. Yoast seo
  3. Flexi pages
  4. Semrush
  5. Ahrefs
  6. Majesticseo.comĀ  but I usually just use market samurai
  7. Google keyword planner
  8. Kwfinder depending on if you don’t like to use Google keyword planner or market samurai

Now with each of these seo tools, I want you to understand 1 thing.

I don’t always use ALL OF THEM IN MY CAMPAIGNS.

You have to figure out what is important to you per campaign as I do.

Now to explain a little bit about each and why these website optimisation tools are on my list.

It’s perfect for:

  1. Getting help with your on site & off site seo.
  2. Knowing the backlinks of your competitors. You can also use these backlinks to reach out to them if possible.
  3. Knowing a site’s D.A. or domain authority
  4. Noticing the domain age of a site. In case you are a brand new baby site and you want to know if there are others in the same age group ranking for the target keyword.
  5. Knowing the amount of backlinks going to the particular page ( of your competitor)using your target keyword.
  6. Knowing the amount of backlinks going to your competitors domain overall.
  7. staying updatedĀ  so you stay on top of your competitions campaigns for increased rankings.
  • Yoast seo

Perfect for keeping you aware of:

  1. On site seo in general.
  2. Meta description
  3. Keyword in theĀ description, title, header, ….
  4. How many times your keyword appeared in your article
  5. How digestibleĀ  (or easy) to read your articles are.
  • Flexi pages

Helps me to organize/categorize my pages and posts.

If you use this one you give all the search engine companies the easiest way to go through all your content, all your related post, pages, the WHOLEšŸŒ(or archive).

When this happens you let them (the search engines) become aware of the other wealth of info you have available. Opening you up to the possibility of future rankings.

  • Ahrefs

I like to use this tool for research into:

  1. the backlinks of my competitors.
  2. The keyword strength so you know ahead of time if the keyword will be difficult to rank for.
  3. Where did a site or my site lose or gain a link.
  • Majesticseo.comĀ  but I usually just use market samurai
  1. I use this to understand the trust flow of sites
  2. The current backlinks
  3. Dofollow vs. Nofollow backlinks

TOP 25 figure heads of all timeĀ 

  • Google keyword planner
  1. Use for getting an idea of the keywords being used
  2. How much a keyword cost so I can know the buying strength.
  • Google suggestions
  1. To help me find relevant keywords to the root keyword I typed into the search bar
  2. What sites are being ranked for each suggested keywords and use those as link opportunities.
  • Kwfinder (if you don’t like to use Google keyword planner or market samurai)
  1. I use kwfinder to find low competition keywords since the interface is easy to understand.
  2. If I want suggested keywords and to see if there are better low competition keywords to use.

So in conlusion, these seo tools I feel are the best.

You don’t have to stick with these because everyone will have a preference.

But use these and see what you need from what you don’t need and go from there.

Don’t over think it when choosing the best seo tools.