About Me

Hi D. here.

What Alli (this site) offers

Looking for the most cost effective ways to take care of your dog?

Want these kinds of  stuff for your dog:

  • Presents for your dog
  • Tips & Techniques to train your dog to be the Superdog you know he or she is

then you have come to the right place.

A little bit about me

When I was a kid I had about 7 dogs, a few parrots, and a cat.  Growing up with these different variety of animals shaped me to love all kinds of animals.

This site is essentially for that purpose. Here you will get all types of tips for your dog specifically. Though I can make this site out into targeting multiple animals I won’t overwhelm myself as I am the only one that will be updating this site.

I hope you find the information I will send out into the internet world valuable.