Constructing a $21,000/month with a stupidly simple 1 page Amazon Affiliate Site [EXACT WEBSITE EXPOSED]

What’s to come:

1. Revealed site making over $20k a month
2. How is the site setup
3. How the site is monetized
4.Where the traffic comes from
5. How the site got popular
6. Conclusion

Amazon Affiliate Case Study

When it comes to making money with Amazon the usual way to drive traffic is to do reviews.
That’s basically where you would take a product off of amazon and market it by creating a site that gives your point of view on the product and more.
There is a lot more work to it but that’s the gist of it.

But the following case study reveals that the ‘review’ idea is just one of many possible ways to promote Amazon affiliate products.

I like to search the internet for business ideas others are or have used and made profit from said idea.  Especially ones that have a guide to use.

But most of all I love methods that are  ‘stupid’, ‘simple’, ‘weird’, ‘quick’, ‘outside the box’ and ‘unconventional’.
These to me are the best business ideas because most people won’t use them; they would rather go after what is hot.

The site that you are about to discover has all the requirements I mentioned earlier:
  • unconventional
  • simple
  • quick
  • and a broken down method to duplicate or improve : )

    Now let’s dive into the site that has ( you won’t believe ) made way over $21K a month with Amazon affiliate program.

    This case study will be on a $21,000+ affiliate per month site

What is

amazon case studyThey publish non-popular and very weird stuff from Amazon filled with categories that have cool products, geeky gadgets and all kinds of weird stuff .

90% of them will never get bought,


That’s the content that get hits and get’s people to Amazon.

My thoughts from first landing on the site

When I first visited thisiswhyiambroke I was taking back by the simplistic look of the site.

But the most surprising part was that each page on the site was just filled with picture content linking back to the amazon product page.

This is the only way you can get information about the product. Genius but it worried me because I wondered who would still use the site when they can just get all the information from amazon.

But then it hit me!

How many people have the time to research, go through reviews and more to find the right seller and price. Not everyone.

So you would use a site like whyiambroke because all the cool weird products you like can be found in 1 place.

How do people get on Amazon?

No matter where you click it, either on the image or on the “Check it out” button, you will land straight on Amazon.

Again I found that to be a little disappointing because if I were to use this method, to keep engaged visitors I would have to create content on the site before they go to Amazon.

But remembering my process of using simple methods to make a profit I stuck with the idea of what they built out.

Taking a closer look at the content on the page

amazon com business model

As you can see there’s:

  • no product reviews
  • plenty of texts with the engagement addition ( 25 saves ) for people to click and also it creates interest in why so much people would like this. This may drive others to want to check the product out.
  • Just one catchy image (sometimes animated) to get more attention.
  • A catchy title
  • And a call to action button.

Where else do they advertise?

Since Amazon counts just for 60% of their total earnings through this source, 

here are some other places they used in order to bring in more sales.

  • Ebay Partner Network
  • Think Geek
  • Firebox
  • Wicked Lasers
  • Hammacher and more.

What about traffic?

Most of the traffic comes from social media sites though people sharing their content,

amazon in emerging markets case study solution

As you can see below how the traffic is broken up,

amazon com business model case study

You can already know where to go to use this method and have relative success for your duplicated site makeup.

I will also be sharing at some point how you can easily bring traffic back to your site using social media. But to get back to traffic,

When they started out, they used Reddit and Stumbleupon paid ads to kick in the traffic.

Going viral made the business survive on it’s own through becoming viral

Now since the site went viral, as you can see below

amazon case study questions and answers

thisiswhyiambroke does not need to do too much advertising than these below:

  • using direct traffic by creating catchy simplistic content a lot to engage return consumers or visitors. These are but a few of the terms people are using to get to the site.

amazon affiliate case study

thisiswhyimbroke, this is why i’m broke, this is why im broke, whyimbroke, levitating moon lamp

  • using social media buttons as shown above for what I assume is people again sharing the weird stuff they find, even if they aren’t into it.  Which takes us to our last advertising method…

amazon case study exploring strategy

  • getting referrals through others sharing, talking about the site or the site simply ranking for terms in google.

case study for amazon

With a catchy name for each content piece, the site makes it enticing for people to want to click and research over and over again.

Which in the end if they do not like the product with Amazon always suggesting better items, you stand an extra chance of making a commission.

So how can you duplicate this method in a step by step way?

Get the 21k plus Amazon method now!

Here’s what you will get when you download the guide:

  1. comment section to get real time answers and help.
  2. How to create your site quickly and easily for free or using a paid route
  3. How to be in the right lane to go viral with each content you publish
  4. How to go opposite of the crowd to maximize uniqueness & Why
  5. How to find your competitors and beat them at their own game
  6. How to become an amazon affiliate to soak up commissions

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