free twitter traffic- that hashtag life

We’d like to share an awesome method to gaining free twitter traffic for either arbitrage or just affiliate marketing.

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FREE twitter traffic

Here is what you will need to do to make this work for you:

  • Use just 15 minutes per day to bring in fresh leads for what you’re advertising
  • 1 perfect Tool for posting on autopilot
  • 30 minutes to an hour to find hashtags thats best for what you are offering
  • Clever sentences to use for clicks to your product or service
  • Persistence and consistency

Get twitter traffic on autopilot From $5 to Now $0.10

You want more followers, more engagement and, of course, more traffic for your content right? So let’s get to it with these additional tips😀👍

Tips for getting free twitter traffic

Tip #1-


When someone searches for you or you happen to show up in their feed the only thing they will see is your name, profile photo and possibly your tweet.


Most people use their Twitter bio to give important details about thenselves, if they are being professional.

Others will be silly and share a weird joke, a weird address.

But this a mistake in getting the traffic on twitter to redirect to where you want eyes on.

Instead, you can use the website field to link to your latest blog post or your most popular content.

You can even hijack your own bio to include a specific call to action with a shortlink to a blog landing page optimized for Twitter users.

Even if this limits the amount of other content you can display in your bio, it doesn’t mean they will get lost in the trenches.

You simply just have to come up with a clever way to put picture links to relatable content under the main piece of content you want others to see.

Get twitter traffic on autopilot From $5 to Now $0.10



Tip #2-

Build engagement

Talk to people.

Sounds simple but it is one of the tactics that seperate marketers who get repeat consumers and the marketers that will always scramble to make new leads stay permannent leads.

Engage your followers! Treat folks as human beings and you will do much better at this stuff. It is called social media for a reason.

  • Ask questions
  • Hold conversations
  • Dip into others’ conversations
  • Encourage feedback

Tip #3-

Get clicks

So now your followers are seeing you as an interesting person and not a robotic “feed,” which means they are more likely to take notice when you tweet out a link.

Tweet Valuable Links

Whatever you do, don’t just tweet your own stuff.That is both selfish and boring!

Become habitual in sharing anything cool, regardless of who created it. This goes back to people seeing you as a robot or a real person.

Once that trend (of people seeing you as a robot and not a real account) stops, the fun can begin!

You will notice the cool stuff you share thats relevant to your niche or campaign will push other people to be more willing to retweet yours.  Be known as a person who tweets good stuff.

Tip #4-


Remember the simple rule of timezones.

Not everyone is online at the same time. People have different schedules, people have their meals at a different time of day, shop and have different business hours.

Treating the twitter platform in this sense will keep you from relying on time zone converters.

  1. Tweet the same thing a few times, a few hours apart, to give your message several chances to be seen.
  2. Vary the times of day you tweet and monitor response.
  3. Watch for the peaks and troughs of activity in YOUR stream (not just what works for others).

Doing these kinds of testing and analyzing will put you in the best lane you can ossibly be to get traffic from twitter.

Get twitter traffic on autopilot From $5 to Now $0.10